The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta was an Italian mystic whose Cause for Beatification has completed its Diocesan phase and is now proceeding within the Vatican.

Update: February, 2024. The Korean Bishops have released a document against Luisa. Please see my response to it here, in which I address each one of their concerns and demonstrate the orthodoxy of Luisa's writings.

For an introduction to the revelations of Jesus to Luisa, please see the new book, Thy Will Be Done: The Greatest Prayer, the Christian's Mission, and the World's Penultimate Destiny. 

Luisa died in 1947 after receiving many messages from Jesus, primarily about the grace of "Living in the Divine Will," which Pope St. John Paul II referred to as a "New and Divine Holiness with which the Holy Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at the dawn of the third millennium." (Address at the Vatican. May 16, 1997. §6) Luisa was bedridden for almost the entirety of her 81-year-long life, as she received daily visits from her priest spiritual directors (always appointed by the Archbishop), to whom the Pope gave permission to celebrate Mass in Luisa's room. Luisa's whole life consisted in receiving—each day—the Eucharist from their hands, and humbly obeying their direction and orders (one of which was to write down the messages she received from Jesus so they could eventually be published). One of these priests was St. Hannibal Di Francia, who dedicated the last years of his life to promoting Luisa's writings. He gave 19 of his own Nihil Obstats (approvals) to Luisa's revelations, and his Archbishop bestowed the Imprimatur upon the same.

This unofficial website is dedicated to Luisa's Official Biography, published by the Vatican in 2015; entitled The Sun of My Will. 

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St. Hannibal (or Annibale) Di Francia: Most Zealous Apostle of Luisa's Writings

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